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Esquel Group

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Esquel Group is a large export-oriented and high-tech textile enterprise, founded in Hong Kong in 1978 by Yang Yuanlong, with registered capital of 171 million US dollars and total investment of 402 million US dollars. The company's business scope covers spinning, dyeing, weaving, finishing, clothing, and clothing accessories, can provide customers with "one-stop shop" service.

The company's product "Yida brand pure cotton yarn-dyed fabric" has been identified as China's famous brand product and won the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award and Guangdong Provincial Excellent New Product Award for many times.

Esquel group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-grade cotton shirts, with factories in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mauritius and Sri Lanka and a strong sales network serving mainstream markets around the world. Esquel has thus become one of the most dynamic and advanced global textile and apparel manufacturers.


As a large export company, with the continuous expansion of the enterprise in recent years, the enterprise faces new management challenges. The isolation of various systems makes it difficult to maintain, cost, and operate the system, and the management layer cannot obtain various data in a timely manner. The automation of workshop production also requires that existing information systems can be upgraded from data to process.

Due to the problems of architecture and poor scalability, the existing system cannot meet the needs of diversified business development mode and group management, which will become a stumbling block to the rapid development of the company's business today and in the future.


o After more than 20 years of business development, customers have built more than a dozen sets of independent systems, the data of each system is not effectively integrated.

o The existing information system is not reliable, hindering business growth

o Inconsistent data and interfaces between upstream and downstream factories within the group lead to high system maintenance costs

o Supply chain management manual operation, time-consuming and laborious.

o The product is special, the formula needs to be adjusted frequently according to the customer and the market, the product, process, formula is not standardized, reuse rate

o The customer's existing MIS system does not support financial services, so it needs to integrate Oracle financial software.


o Guide users to establish standardized data and unified coding for products, materials, semi-products, processes and BOM in R&D and production process

o Add version management to product, process and BOM, effectively control change

o Design automation of ordering, reviewing, and feeding based on standardized data

o Integrate and sort out business processes of various departments, reduce repetitive system construction and reduce maintenance costs

o Take AX2012 as the core information system, integrate all subsystems of upstream and downstream factories within the group, and build the group-level information system platform.


o Based on AX2012 platform, build a unified product research and development, planning, production, quality control and warehousing management system for multiple factories

o Product research and development, production, supply chain and financial services to achieve real-time data integration

o Standardization of product, BOM, color and process

o Clearer SKU cost and margin

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