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Hooker Furniture

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Founded in 1924, Hooker Furniture is a design, marketing and import/export company that designs wood, metal, leather, and fabric upholster Furniture for residential or hotel use and is one of the largest publicly traded Furniture companies in the world. It is an industry leader in product innovation, style, and functionality. As a premium furniture brand, it has headquarters and import operations in Martinsville, Va., and custom manufacturing facilities in Bedford, VA., and Hickory, N.C. The Hooker Furniture brands include Bradington-Young, Sam Moore Furniture, Hooker Upholstery, Shenandoah Furniture, and H Contract.

As times change, Hooker furniture increasingly needs a scalable ERP SOLUTIONS that can be configured to order to accommodate its multi-brand furniture business. In addition, in order to provide consistent and timely service to customers more effectively, Hooker furniture chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 which can better realize customer service, which will lay a good foundation for hooker furniture's next development.


From 2010, Hooker furniture officially launched a multi-year ERP project. Because each brand had been using independent ERP system in the past, the whole company lacked predictability and continuity. Therefore, Hooke Furniture is in urgent need of a unified ERP system to sort out and optimize all its brands, but each brand still operates independently.


o Multiple departments and business lines adopt independent ERP systems, increasing IT costs.

o Lack of financial integration and visibility across divisions.

o Unable to unify multiple brands into a cohesive business to present to customers.

o Lack of inventory visibility of components in process and finished product work at 14 locations.

o Inability to configure products to meet customers' unique needs.

o The support team does not have access to a centralized view of account and ticket information.


Huamei Soft provides Hooker Furniture with professional product knowledge and solutions suitable for Hooker Furniture business with Microsoft Dynamics 365, which will help Hooker Furniture realize the optimal brand value:

o Provide an integrated financial and supply chain solution through a unified platform.

o Integrate multiple legal entities through a unified platform.

o Provide a powerful cloud-based service platform for users to log in to their systems anytime, anywhere.

o Increased management support, case management capabilities and increased visibility of reporting capabilities through Dynamics 365.


o Improved production efficiency and product quality

o Enhanced measurement and analysis capabilities of operations personnel

o Improved material planning, inventory management and cost analysis skills

o The ability to configure to order to meet customer's unique needs

o Unified systems can be logged in and operated from anywhere while greatly reducing IT costs

o To achieve standardized process work and observable components and finished products

o The company's comprehensive financial statements will more accurately show product profitability and advanced cost management

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