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November,2016, The 7th fun-filled Sports Meet

Date:(2017/2/3)   Hits:1324

Huamei Soft 7th Sports Meet was held on November 11th, also known as “double 11 Day”, at the tail-end of the famous on-line shopping spree day on Alibaba, similar to the Black Friday in the U.S.

The purpose of the meet was for Huamei employees to stretch, relax and enjoy a healthy and joyful activities. The ne-elected Huamei sponsored and set up a lot of fun-filled activities, including brand new competition events. The events have drawn people quickly into teams, and made seemingly impossible task a reality. It’s hard to believe that the winning team only took 6 minutes to complete the “Connecting Coke Cans by 5 People”. Thumbs up to the smart Huamei employees and team coordination. Last, but not least, was the favorite event of “Tug of War”. The winner was declared only after two records of competition as a result of uneven number of players of the teams from the coin toss. The meet seemed too short. We already look forward to the next year’s competition.

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