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Environmentally conscious Ventura, CA based company that designs, manufactures, distributes and retails outdoor clothing and accessories through multiple sales channels including wholesale, mail order, retail stores, distributors and e-commerce

Customer Business Challenge

• Lack of visibility to global supply chain
• Challenging multi-channel inventory optimization problem
• Time consuming fabric management
• Lack of flexibility and agility needed to run the business

• Unreliable custom IT platform that cannot scale


• In Phase I, simultaneously deployed AX to run global financials in parallel with 3rdparty demand planning solution
• In Phase II, deployed AX to run USA and CAN operations
• In Phase III, deployed AX to run JPN operations

• In Phase IV, deploying AX to run FRA operations

Customer Results/Benefits

• Consolidate multiple business applications under a single global ERP platform reducing IT costs
• Run full financials and supply chain across over 50+ legal entities around the world
• Provide an intuitive multi-channel inventory planning solution
• Boost inventory turns by 20% to 30%, increase fill rates by 5% to 10%, enable double digit growth

Marc Jacobs

Designer and retailer of apparel and accessories for men and women. Founded in 1984 and headquartered in New York operating as a subsidiary of LVMH. Managing multi-channel operations across 6 countries in 3 continents.

Customer Business Challenge

• Lack of integration between financial and supply chain systems
• Lack of visibility to the product cost and margins
• Unreliable disparate business applications hindering growth
• Inconsistent master data across divisions and countries

• Manual and time consuming supply chain management


• In Phase I, developed a global proof-of-concept to set the solution vision
• In Phase II, deployed AX for integrated financials and supply chain for USA and FRA
• Redesigned global master data structures including chart of accounts, product, customer, etc.

• In next phases, planning to replace the retail solution globally and extend the AX solution to JPN and CHN

Customer Results/Benefits

• Integrate global financials real-time to the supply chain operations
• Provide detailed visibility on product margins at the SKU level
• Establish a single system to run wholesale, retail and e-commerce business
• Lay a reliable, scalable, flexible IT foundation enabling growth

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