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Salsa Mania Dance Club is one domestic chain type dance training institution, which is committed to provide professional dance training service for the vast number of dance lovers, and it was founded in the year 2007. There are a number of direct sales and franchises.

They keep tens of thousands of active members for a long time.

Customer Business Challenges

  • Use stand-alone file recording software, a large number of work needs to be recorded in paper and electronic form
  • Basic data dispersion, information collection and analysis are troubles
  • Member consumption across shops is difficult
  • Customer transfer effects their satisfaction
  • Franchises without enough and complete supervision, expansion restrictions
  • Management decision without sufficient supportive data
  • No unified information management platform


With advanced management platform of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we integrated customer's actual business scenarios and created a solution for Salsa Mania dance club, and this solution would apply to many other chain training industry.

Through the adoption and on-line of this system, compared to the original file management, following improvements have been found:

Realization of the Intention Customer Transformation Visualization

This system provides the funnel management for conversion process from intention customer into a member, user can customize the stage and weight.

Member Information Recording

The unified deployment of the store data in the CRM system, maintain according to the distribution of rights, the entire firm can achieve resource sharing.

Membership related communication, orders, booking, attendance and other information are aggregated in the membership file, it is very convenient for maintenance or inquiry.

Course Arrangement

A variety of resources, such as time, course, class and coach are focused on the timetables. Inquiry at any time.

Classroom Allocation

Improve the utilization of the training classroom, and make the classroom use to be visualized.

Appointment and Attendance of Class

Attendance records were originally recorded on paper, and the attendance is simplified by WeChat. In the second phase, we will continue to improve orders, reservations, points, e-malls and other business based on WeChat subscription.

Information Reminder

Customize reminder conditions, members birthday, payment reminder, renewals reminder, etc.

Data Presentation

According to the role, you can set the charts and data pages that are concerned, pay attention to data changes constantly and make business decisions accordingly.

Fine management in Salsa Mania dance training school boosts the rapid development of enterprises and improve its market competitiveness.

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