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Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

End-to-end Intelligent Business Applications in the Cloud

Start with What You Need

Start with the right fit for your business & grow at your own pace in the cloud

Productivity Where You Need It

Empower employees with productivity tools surfaced in context of processes

Intelligence Built-in

Guide employees to optimal outcomes with intelligence embedded in processes

Ready for Growth

Stay nimble & adapt in real-time with flexible, extensible applications & platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365 evolves Microsoft's current CRM and ERP cloud solutions into one cloud service with new purpose-built apps to help manage specific business functions. Dynamics 365 apps are designed so they can be easily and independently deployed. A customer can start with what they need, yet the applications work together. Therefore, as the business demands, the customer can adopt additional capabilities with ease.

Dynamics 365 provides customers a modern and familiar experience with built in insights, intelligence and workflow.  They also use a common data model and consistent application platform to ensure consistency, interoperability and extensibility.

Start with what they need by offering apps that fit roles, industries, businesses – so our customers can start with what they need and grow at their pace to run their entire business in the cloud.

Enable greater productivity where they need it by connecting structured workflow of business applications and processes with the unstructured work of collaboration and productivity so employees are empowered with productivity tools surfaced in the context of their business processes.

Get built-in intelligence with business applications that infuses big data, advanced analytics and IoT into processes out-of-the-box to proactively guide employees and customers to optimal outcomes.  With Dynamics 365, data and insights are transformed into action for intelligence where it's needed.

Be ready for growth through nimble, adaptable applications, that allow them to compose, modify and extend processes in real-time. Business users are empowered to change and adapt without IT. And organizations can reimagine their business model with a consistent, flexible, extensible platform.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Engage Your Customers
With digital intelligence on your side, you fill every customer interaction with personalized insight. And your conversations feel more fluid and natural across every touch point.
Empower Your Employees
Dynamics 365 provides the insights your people need to make the best decisions and the tools they need to do their best work—ensuring great outcomes from your business software.
Optimize Your Operations
With complete ERP capabilities to streamline your operations and reduce your costs, Dynamics 365 enterprise business solutions help you grow your business and your bottom line.
Transform Your Products
By embedding technology into your products, you can start using shared data and digital intelligence to generate new insights, products, and business models—and discover new revenue sources.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Editions

Microsoft Dynamics 365, Enterprise Edition

is optimized for large organizations over 250 employees.

Microsoft Dynamics 365, Business Edition

is designed for organizations up to 250 employees.

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