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Power BI

Power BI is a cloud-based data solution that supports data modeling, provides data insight, and provides interactive visual reporting. Power BI works seamlessly with Microsoft products such as Office 365 (Excel, SharePoint Online, Dynamics 365 ERP & CRM) and can quickly build cross-platform (PC development, PC, large screen real-time synchronization, mobile terminal follow up at the same time) application and connection of multi-module data, with a more efficient low-code platform to help enterprises grow in an all-round way, support anyone at any time, any place, in any way to explore data, improve the ability of enterprises to quickly build digital solutions.

Features & Advantages

· Pre-built rich content, including dashboards and reports, is used to provide popular business solutions

· Dashboard updates in real time

· Securely and in real time connect to data sources, both locally and in the cloud

· Intuitive data exploration is possible using natural language queries

· Links to familiar Microsoft products and can be extended in Azure

· Rapid deployment, mixed configuration, high security performance, and integration with other information systems.

Unlock employee productivity & smooth new experiences

For large-scale traditional enterprises, many departments and complicated processes make it difficult to efficiently complete many business processes in the first time. Therefore, building "hyper-interconnection" and realizing personalized employee distribution will become crucial. For repetitive work with low efficiency, Power BI can build an automated process and visual data analysis platform to help employees solve daily basic problems and provide them with feasible decision-making suggestions, enabling them to promote business progress more efficiently and obtain more business growth points:

· Automatically extract file information and display it directly on the interface, saving a lot of time to open files.

· Set up automatic flow, automatically read the workload of employees and accurately distribute work tasks.

· Supervisors can view all task status in real time and efficiently allocate the workload of employees.

· Set tasks with high priorities and mark problem points, intuitively understand the total number of tasks and employee time and conduct business analysis.

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